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Surewood Shafts

Surewood shafts are made from premium quality Douglas Fir harvested exclusively for arrows, with painstaking attention to detail from tree to shaft We believe these are the finest wood shafts you can buy, period. They stay straight and strong , are easy to work with, and they fly wonderfully too!; Surewood Shafts are what wood arrow shafting is supposed to be, with an excellent weight for North American game. Spine matched to within 5 pounds and weight matched within 10-15 grains.  All shafts are 11/32 in diameter and are 32 inches long uncut.

Why Surewood Shafts?

Surewood Shafts - $45.99 per dozen.
NOTE:  Additional shipping charges will apply to all buyers outside of the U.S.A.

S-4045 Surewood Shafts 40-45 Spine - 1 Dozen
S-4550 Surewood Shafts 45-50 Spine - 1 Dozen
S-5055 Surewood Shafts 50-55 Spine - 1 Dozen
S-5560 Surewood Shafts 55-60 Spine - 1 Dozen
S-6065 Surewood Shafts 60-65 Spine - 1 Dozen
S-6570 Surewood Shafts 65-70 Spine - 1 Dozen
S-7075 Surewood Shafts 70-75 Spine - 1 Dozen
S-7580 Surewood Shafts 75-80 Spine - 1 Dozen

Taper Tools

These are the best pocket taper tools we have ever used.  Easily create precise point and nock tapers, a great choice for the home arrow builder.  Available for 5/16, 11/32 and 23/64 inch shafting sizes.  Made in the USA.

5/16 Traditional Only Taper Tool - $7.99
11/32 Traditional Only Taper Tool - $7.99
23/64 Traditional Only Taper Tool - $7.99

Grayling Fletching Jig

The Grayling Fletching Jig is one of the most versatile fletching jigs on the market.  It will 3 fletch cock feather down or cock feather out, as well as 90 degree 4 fletch.  This recently revised model has improved magnet adjustments for even better fletching alignment and a shaft indexer for virtually any arrow size.  It will even handle crossbow bolts.  Purchase complete, or use extra clamps to add versatility and speed to your arrow fletching.
Grayling Jig Complete Left Wing $34.99
Grayling Jig Complete Right Wing $34.99

Grayling Jig Complete Straight $34.99

Grayling Jig Extra Clamp Left Wing $9.99
Grayling Jig Extra Clamp Right Wing $9.99
Grayling Jig Extra Clamp Straight $9.99



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