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Magnus Stinger screw in broadheads feature knife grade stainless steel and the Magnus Diamond Tip, for superior strength and bone splitting penetration.  Stainless bleeder blades are double sharpened and locked in the aircraft grade 7075 aluminum ferrule by the Magnus Retainer Block.  Excellent flight and penetration, razor sharp and ready to hunt right out of the pack.  The 100 grain has a 1 1/16 inch cutting width, the 125 and 150 grain Stingers feature a 1 1/8 inch cutting width, with 3/4 inch bleeders on the 4 blade models.  Covered by the Magnus lifetime guarantee, break one and Magnus will replace it!

Stinger 125 grain 2-blade 3 pk. - $33.99
Stinger 100 grain 4-blade 3 pk. - $35.99
Stinger 125 grain 4-blade 3 pk. - $35.99
Stinger 150 grain 2-blade 3 pk. - $33.99
Stinger 150 grain 4-blade 3 pk. - $35.99
Stinger extra bleeder blades 6 pk. - $11.49

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